Livermore Art Association

Augustus (Gus) Daugherty

Oil Paintings 



Imagine Me and You ,  Mixed Media  © Augustus Daugherty  *

Beach Temptress,  Oil  © Augustus Daugherty 

...Be Happy,  Mixed Media   © Augustus Daugherty * 

Romantic Interlude,  Oil  © Augustus Daugherty 

Beach Nymph,  Oil  © Augustus Daugherty  

*  “…Be Happy” and  “Imagine Me and You”  are my first  reproductions of 3-D Art.  These mixed media paintings create an optical illusion when one stands in front of them about five feet back and moves a few inches to the right or left, it appears the cabanas are turning and the people are moving, a real conversation piece. The purpose of my work is to create pleasurable thoughts. Width  55", Height 26", Depth 6"   Wood panel structure with decopauged art. There will be a limit of 200 reproductions for each painting with an opening price of $950 each.

Augustus (Gus) Daugherty works mainly in oil on canvas and wood for 3-D and mixed media.