Livermore Art Association

Become a Guest Artist
Display your art at the LAA Gallery

A section features fresh artwork from non-gallery members.  We accept 6 artists per year to display for two months starting in January. The display area is two panels, each measuring about 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall. The panels can be fitted with shelves to display 3-D work. 

If you are interested, follow the sign-up process below. These instructions and the contract will also be available at the Gallery during open hours. If more than 6 artists sign up, a committee of Gallery members will select six from the set of applicants. You must be a member of LAA to participate. Please sign up soon, spaces fill quickly.

To Sign Up: 
Submit a resume or biography, 3 to 4 pictures of your works, with sample pricing. Submit this by e-mail to or by snail mail to 

LAA Gallery
Attn: Judy Rice
2155 Third Street
Livermore CA 94550

Indicate your preferred months and if there are any months that you cannot do.


  • Display Area:  The display area is 47" x 47". This will fit up to 8 small 2-D works (16x16), or 4 shelves of 3-D works.
  • Works will display for 2 months. (Jan 1 - Feb 27) (Mar 2 - Apr 30) (May 1 - Jun 30) (Jul 1 - Aug 31) (Sep 1 - Oct 30) (Nov 2 - Dec 31)
  • The coordinator will print out your provided resume/biography and any self-portrait you provided, and display it with your artworks.
  • The LAA Gallery will take a 20% commission of any sales.
  • There is no fee to display your work.
  • If there are more than 6 applicants, a committee of gallery members will jury in the six artists. The work will be evaluated for professional quality with skill and presentation beyond student work.
  • You are not required to work at the Gallery.
  • You are responsible for any reception you would like to hold. If done in the evening, the coordinator will arrange for the building to be open and staffed.


  • You must be a member of the Livermore Art Association.
  • You are responsible for setting up and taking down your work.
  • You must take down your artworks before the next artist is set to display.
  • You must sign a contract before displaying your work.