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I grew up on a farm in rural South Africa surrounded by rocky hills and higher mountains as well as grassy fields and. My mother was an avid gardener and my playground was the fields and sandstone flats around the farm. My mind was set to go to university after high school and decided from the outset that I was going to choose courses in science. In my senior year I narrowed it down to being a dietitian and have never regretted that even after an aptitude test indicated that I should study art.

When I returned to work I was assigned to assist a visiting USA scientist for a few months. This eventually led to an invitation to Brookhaven Laboratory, Long Island, USA. There I met my husband David.  We settled later in Livermore. While at Brookhaven I painted a SA scene from a Christmas card to decorate my apartment. This was the start of my rather sporadic art career.

I later pursued a private dietetics practice in Livermore for a few years but a rather dramatic list of setbacks in my health compelled me to quit that. It took me 10 years to regain my stamina and strength. I decided to just focus on art, edible gardening and a few SA flowers and shrubs.

While still at university I was offered a position as a scientist at the SA Atomic Energy Board that I accepted since I was allowed to continue further studies in dietetics. After getting my M.Sc. in dietetics I pursued a D.Sc. in physiology. While finishing that I contracted tuberculosis that changed the course of my life. I can well remember the day my father brought me a message from an elderly English lady   “God never closes one door without opening another”. I sometimes thought about it. During the 18 months of my recuperation I taught myself painting because I had to do something.

Oil Paintings, Watercolors

Sunset at Cedar Ridge - Grand Canyon   © Bettie Goosman

Bettie Goosman

Livermore Art Association

Paternoster - South Africa  © Bettie Goosman

I can never thank God enough for having led me to painting and the joy it has and is still giving me in the beauty I see and the people I meet. I naturally love rural scenes and have tried to capture the fast disappearing ones around the Tri Valley. I miss the rocky scenes of South Africa, but now have found so much joy in painting some Grand Canyon scenes. Scenes with depth have always appealed to me because they are challenging. I paint in both oil and watercolors and prefer watercolor for flowers and some South African wildlife scenes since it is a bit faster.

Summer Hills - Morgan Territory Rd   © Bettie Goosman

Exuberance  © Bettie Goosman

Misty Morning  © Bettie Goosman