Livermore Art Association Circuit

The LAA Art Circuit is a program that hangs art in local businesses around Livermore. We have artist 'teams' who change the art on a quarterly basis. This is a great opportunity for businesses to add interest to their walls and artists to have another outlet to display their work.

With changes in health, job assignments, travel commitments, etc., the Circuit is in danger of foundering. We have lost both members and group leaders. For example, the Oils group consists of one artist. And Watercolor group is currently without a leader. LAA is blessed with seven business partners as exhibit venues, and more that wish to join. If you would like to join the Circuit or can help when we rotate the exhibits every three months, please email Walter Davies at

Visit these venues to see our members' works!

Interested in having works displayed at your business? Contact venue@livermoreartassociation.

Want to join the circuit as an artist? Contact circuit@livermoreartassociation.

Circuit Requirements for artists.