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​© Laura Marion 

Usha Shukla will exhibit her paintings on the PAL Wall, upstairs at the Firehouse Art Center from July 17 to August 24. She creates abstract paintings that distill the light, the intense colors, and the constant movement in nature. The final visual is pure, ethereal, and cosmic with no physical references. Her paintings are the representation of a harmonious balance of her subconscious landscape and the physical world.  

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Kerry McGehee’s photograph, “Ocean,” was selected for the newest juried exhibit “Into the Blue” at the Village Theater Gallery, in downtown Danville (233 Front Street). Over 350 art entries and only 40 chosen!. The exhibit opens June 28 through August 17th.  www.kerrymcgehee.com or www.sensitiveobserver.com

​© Usha Shukla 

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Laura Marion has been painting since she could hold a brush. She was trained by her incredible mother, Diana Marion. Although portraiture is her favorite genre, she’s honed her craft over the last 15 years as a commission artist. She works primarily in water-based oil paints although she enjoys acrylics, watercolor, chalk pastel, graphite, scratch art, pen and ink- really everything she can get her hands on. Laura hopes to infuse her joie de vivre into everyone of her paintings and impart the same to each of her viewers. www.lauramarion.weebly.com

Bill Potter Exhibit of Photography, Firehouse Art Center PAL Wall Upstairs, August 28 to September 28.  

Featured Artists  

Showing at the LAA Gallery

June 18 through October 5 

Laura Marion, Portrait Artist.  


With a thought-out color palette and her unique process, she starts on a journey of creation. When painting, Usha immerses herself into the process, gets into a meditative trance, and lets the painting guide her. It is always a balance of letting go and being in control. Her head, heart, and hand become one and something pure and personal happens. Vapor-like shapes appear and disappear on the panel, leaving only traces of the initial layer, like the mere reverberation of a memory.

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Livermore Art Association