​© Laura Marion 

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​© George Kanakis 

Alka Valdya will show her watercolor paintings on the Nancy Thompson Memorial Wall, upstairs at the firehouse Arts Center, Pleasanton, from May 1 until June 2. Alka also paints in oil, acrylic and more recently works in 3D art. 

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​© Alka Valdya 

Laura Marion has been painting since she could hold a brush. She was trained by her incredible mother, Diana Marion. Although portraiture is her favorite genre, she’s honed her craft over the last 15 years as a commission artist. She works primarily in water-based oil paints although she enjoys acrylics, watercolor, chalk pastel, graphite, scratch art, pen and ink- really everything she can get her hands on. Laura hopes to infuse her joie de vivre into everyone of her paintings and impart the same to each of her viewers. www.lauramarion.weebly.com

George Kanakis will exhibit his art on the PAL Wall, upstairs at the Pleasanton Firehouse Art Center from June 4 until July 13. 

Featured Artists  

A well-known local artist, has been a Pleasanton resident since 1987. George was born in Greece on the island of Crete where he started to paint as a child under the direction of Botis Thalassinos, a renowned Greek artist who was himself taught by Salvador Dali. Thalassinos’ encouragement had a significant influence on George.  As a young teenager he moved to Athens and continued to pursue his passion for Art by taking private lessons and learning varied media including oils, watercolor, Indian ink, acrylics, and sculpture. 

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Coming to LAA Gallery June 18 through October 5, 

Laura Marion, Portrait Artist.  


​© Barb Johnson 

Livermore Art Association

Laura will also be giving a demonstration at the LAA/PAL meeting, June 10, 7:30 pm at the Bothwell Center. Free admission. See more on "News & Photos" under Meetings.