Along the Seine  © Gina Kaiper

On the Bridge  © Gina Kaiper

My photographs taken in the United States and Europe serve as inspiration for my oil paintings. My initial “seeing” is with the camera, capturing multiple images of a given moment in time and space.

Although I have photographed for several decades, I only began serious painting after retiring from a career as a writer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I exhibit in the East Bay Area and belong to the Pleasanton Art League and the Livermore Art Association. 

Conductor on the TGV  © Gina Kaiper

The Cliff House  © Gina Kaiper

A recent theme involves water scenes, especially oceans and rivers. With California’s drought, water has taken on increased significance. Many of my paintings include people—at work or at leisure, alone or connected to others.

Paintings and Photographs

Livermore Art Association

Gina Kaiper

Later, with brushes and paint, I expand the visual experience to emphasize light, colors, and mood. While painting, I reflect upon the people, the place, the art depicted — a process that often leads to new ideas or understanding. Thus, a finished painting reaches beyond its photographic references.

Cats Avignon  © Gina Kaiper