The Livermore Art Association (LAA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1957 to promote public interest and appreciation in the fine arts and in the fine crafts, as well as to encourage the artistic progress and the development of its membership. We invite you to become a member of LAA. LAA membership is open to anyone interested in the fields of arts and crafts. Learn more about LAA.

The livermoreartassociation.org site is being converted to a format that can be maintained by a non-programmer. Long time webmaster, Jennie McGregor, is leaving this position. If no one volunteers for this position by January 2016, the livermoreartassociation.org website goes away. If you would like learn how to build a website and help LAA, please consider becoming the LAA webmaster. Jennie will help train. This position pays $50/month. For questions, send email to Jennie at jenniesphotos@gmail.com.

Dates of Interest

LAA General Meeting Monday, May 11, 2015, 7:30 pm: Kim Bennett is and artist and teacher who thinks of teaching and art making as a messy and wonderful consciousness experiment. Her work ranges across disciplines and includes embroidery, botanical painting, other kinds of painting, sculpture, and collaborations with kids, poets and other artists. Teaching is an important part of her practice, she is currently teaching in the Continuing Education program at City College of San Francisco and the Art Center at UC Berkeley.

Art in the Vineyard May 24, 2015 from 11:00 Vineyard Postcard AM to 5:00 PM: Art in the Vineyard has become a public tradition in the Livermore valley for over 43 years and we would like to cordially invite you and your friends and family to attend. Wente Vineyards and our group of 25 talented, multimedia artists are looking forward to welcoming you to enjoy a day of beautiful art, music and fine wine.