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New Gallery Member: Debbie Hussey, Felted Animals 

Special LAA Gallery Show:  April 11-June 29 

Robert J. Lang. Origami Master Artist.  The LAA Gallery will be exhibiting Dr. Lang's original origami from April 11 through June 29. The public is invited. Hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 11:30-4:00 and Sunday, 10:00-2:30.

                               Free admission. 

Livermore Art Association Gallery

          Upstairs in the Historic Carnegie Building, 2155 3rd Street, Livermore 

          Hours, Wednesday-Saturday, 11:30 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday, 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. 

          925 449-9927

​© Amy Greenberg  

Debbie is from the proverbial family, Father a carpenter Mother a dressmaker. She is the youngest of 5 and several of her siblings have always been artistic.  She however bloomed late in life to the artistic world.  Since her children are grown, and being a type “A” personality, she always hast to be doing something.  Several years ago she took up crocheting. She doesn’t particularly care for the normal “granny square” blankets, instead she loves to crochet animals or dolls as they seem to come alive when she is making them.  Her mother taught her the chain stitch when she was young but that was about it. She is self taught and has taught herself how to read crochet patterns.

​© Emily Chin   

A Memorial in Honor of Lenore Kreit  will be held at the LAA Gallery on Tuesday, April 24, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm so that artists and family members will be able to celebrate Lenore’s life. Please feel free to drop in during that time.

 In 2014, Debbie's sister asked her if she had ever heard of “Needle Felting”.  She just had to explore what that was all about, and totally fell in love with the art.

She has found a mentor that has instructed her via tutorials.  After several years of learning this art, she feels that she is now ready to share her work with the outside world.  Debbie feels that there are endless possibilities with this art.  Needle felting is like sculpting and painting with wool  

Due to health reasons, I retired early and moved to California.  I love it here.  Looking back at my life, I have done my responsibilities as a daughter and a mother.  Now that I am retired, I feel I earn the right to do something I really want to.  We have lots of flowers in our garden.  I can spend more time on what I started years ago.  A room is set aside in my house with different kinds of paper, mat boards …. I spend a lot of time in my room arranging the flowers, admiring how graceful the curve of the petals and stems are.  This room is my refuge and I enjoy putting the flowers I dried into pictures and cards.  Since I have no formal training in art, I did not follow any rules or methodology – just do what comes to mind!  I must say I like that freedom.

Every flower is different and when dried, the back is just as interesting as the front.  This is why I decided to put them between a transparent media rather than paper, so one can see through it.  It is so interesting and I never get bored.  I hope you will enjoy them also.  

Message from Peggy Kervin, Gallery Director,​February 2018

The Christmas decorations are down in The Gallery but the lights will stay on!!  The overall parleys about the lights were to keep them through the year.  Remember, this is a co-op and The More (Input) The Merrier!  Feel free to contact me and let me know your ideas.

Some updates:  Sue Vincent has volunteered to replace me as the 3D Curator.  She has been at the Gallery starting her 3rd year, and has just opened her own pottery and art studio in Livermore (Springtown Art Center, see more about her passion in this issue.)  We also welcome back Sharon and Bob Gardner, who took a hiatus from the Gallery a couple of years ago.  They had been artists in the Gallery since its inception on Sept 15, 1974. Sharon’s Japanese braiding and weaving items and Bob’s unique pottery will be displayed in the 3D section of the Gallery.  By now the jury selection is complete for Debbie Hussey and her felted animals; we continue to be in awe of her talent.  As a co-op, our members made these changes possible.

As I walk through the LAA Gallery, I see energy and creativity exploding.  Kerry McGehee has her 2018 calendars on sale, so don’t miss out!  There are only a few left and they are crammed with enduring photos of the Livermore area.  Valentine quilling cards are multiplying from Jan Watling; her whales and bees are heart-ing each other.  Sue Principe has added beautiful new heart plates on her display, replacing those cute snowmen.  If you are looking for a heart rattle, you can find one in Barb Johnson’s display.   We also have a world traveler, Barbara Stanton; her article about her journey to Prague in this issue reminds us that change is rewarding.

The LAA Gallery is a co-op and all of the day-to-day positions are filled thanks to Caryne.  But the upcoming Spring Art Show is another matter; we need many more volunteers for the annual LAA supported show on April 5-8.  Steve Rodriguez would like an assistant to help in organizing the event; there are openings for the gift shop sales, for food at the reception, for registration, the list goes on.  I also need help in getting the pedestals used at the Spring Art Show to the LAA Gallery for our April Guest Artist and LAA meeting presenter on Monday, April 9, Robert Lang.  Give me or Steve a call if you are interested in helping out with any of the above. 

I am humbled by the incredible talent in our Gallery.  I would encourage each of you to challenge yourself and do that one thing you have been thinking about but avoiding!  We are also planning to be open on Monday and Tuesday before Valentine’s Day and hope to see lots of hearts in the Gallery then.

Join us on May 5 and 6 for a Pre-Mother's Day party with snacks and coffee at the LAA Gallery.  Our member artists have loaded the Gallery with dazzling jewelry, intricate paintings, sweet notecards, stunning glassware and exquisite pottery especially for that special someone in your life.  We will be open from 10 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday.

New LAA Gallery Member: Emily Chin

Pressed Flowers 

I am Emily, a retired molecular geneticist.  I was born in Hong Kong where I spent my childhood.  After high school I attended college here in the United States, finished my PhD, married and have two sons, and had successful career.  My husband is a very nature oriented person and he loves flowers.  While I was working, I dried and pressed some flowers and made cards and gifts for friends.  It was my way of relaxing and taking my mind off my work. 

The LAA Gallery shares space with the Livermore Heritage Guild, upstairs in the historic Carnegie Library Building. 

2018 LAA Gallery Director: Peggy Kervin 

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