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Livermore Art Association Gallery 

Nancy Hoover 

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Michael F. Bland 

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Upstairs in the Historic Carnegie Building, 2155 3rd Street, Livermore

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 11:30 am to 4:00 pm  and Sunday, 10:00 am to 2:30 pm​​.  Phone:  (925) 449-9927


Art in the Park Report 
From Peggy Kervin, LAA Gallery Director:

Art In The Park was sponsored by the LAA Gallery on Sunday, August 18th: 27 artists participated in Art In The Park in Carnegie Park next to the Sunday Farmers Market. Hundreds of art lovers gathered to see the paintings, jewelry, paper and felt crafts, embroidery, and wooden toys of local artists. Erika Reichert was busy painting an expressionist version of Steven Hawking. A new Gallery flag was made with handprints from soon-to-be artists and even a dog paw! We made new friends, got some creative juices flowing, and raised awareness for the Carnegie Building Gallery. 

New LAA Gallery Member: Michael F. Bland, Blown Glass 

© Nancy Hoover 

Mike currently is focused on creating optic blown vases/bowls and crackleware. Optic molds are metal forms that enable ridges to be formed in a blown part. Crackle is one of the oldest glass blowing decorative features created by dunking the still partially formed glass into water producing the intriguing surface cracks and texture. The piece stays intact because the interior of the part is still liquid. Most of the bowls/vases he creates incorporate colored glass frit (small chips of colored glass). A colleague of Mike’s provided some special frit that enables the part to glow when exposed to black light (UV) illumination. Since rediscovering glass blowing Mike is challenged to create unique artistic pieces incorporating random textures, color mixtures, and shapes.

 Outside of glass blowing Mike is an avid swimmer and amateur triathlete. Mike can be contacted at

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Diane Rodriguez is LAA Gallery Guest Artist through March, 2020: 

© Norma Webb 

The LAA Gallery Shares space with the Livermore Heritage Guild,

upstairs in the historic Carnegie Library Building. 

Michael  began blowing glass by taking classes at Pitzer College in Claremont CA. The studio work gave him a break from his technical studies at Harvey Mudd College toward an engineering degree. Mike was featured in the Claremont Collage (old picture) making a fish using his glass blowing skills. Years later as he was winding up his engineering career Mike discovered studios in the Bay Area (Bay Area Glass Institute and Public Glass) and found that like riding a bike, certain traits once learned, become ingrained into our nature and thus began blowing glass again.

Judy Rice 

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