Livermore Art Association Gallery

Carnegie Building, Livermore by Jennie McGregor The Livermore Art Association Gallery is a local retail location which features work or local artists and artisans. Work encompasses a wide range of media, including painting, photography, wood carving, pottery, fabric art and jewelry.

The Livermore Art Association Gallery is staffed and run by the artists that display their work at the gallery.

Come in and shop for unique gifts for unique people. Meet the local artists and learn about art.

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Guest Artist at the LAA Gallery for July and August is Diane Rodriguez. Diane Rodriguez, Double Delight Rose Diane finds variety in subject matter an exciting challenge, however, she is mostly known for train paintings. She has been accepted into many juried shows, winning many awards and recently a Best of Show. She is an active member of the LAA, PAL, Alamo Danville Art Society and the California Watercolor Association.

Featured Artists at the LAA Gallery are Diana Carey and Kerry McGehee

Diana Carey, Dragonfly Diana Carey began making jewelry in 2004 with carved and polished stones (lapidary). Then she expanded her artistic expressions to include metal working, creating her own settings and sculptures. Diana has developed a passion for the creation of metal forms. Her light and airy designs counterbalance the rigidity of the metal she is working with. Diana studied jewelry and metal arts at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She continues expanding the artistic expression of her dream visions.

Kerry McGehee Kerry McGehee, an award-winning photographer, first began taking pictures with her Kodak Instamatic at age nine. Her passion in photography led her to shooting photos for clients, while working in advertising, in Chicago for ten years. She credits her move to beautiful California with providing the unshakable inspiration to share what she is fortunate enough to view each day.