Livermore Art Association Gallery

Carnegie Building, Livermore by Jennie McGregor The Livermore Art Association Gallery is a local retail location which features work or local artists and artisans. Work encompasses a wide range of media, including painting, photography, wood carving, pottery, fabric art and jewelry.

The Livermore Art Association Gallery is staffed and run by the artists that display their work at the gallery.

Come in and shop for unique gifts for unique people. Meet the local artists and learn about art.

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Winter: Waiting for Spring Starting on January 11, new art at the LAA Gallery will focus on winter scenes, winter in warm climates and winter here in our Livermore Area.

Featured Artist is Madelynn Ellis Madelynn depicts local venues using paper cuts, layered paper cuts and dioramas. Her inspiration comes from Chinese paper cuts and Japanese Kirigami, folded paper cuts. To her, paper cutting is like drawing with an exacto knife; she enjoys creating works of art where the image presents itself as small pieces of paper drop out of a sheet of paper. Madelynn studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

Guest Artist at the LAA Gallery Lisa Rigge is the Guest Artist at the LAA Gallery for the months of March and April. Thanks Lisa! She put up her collection of hand-tinted photos of Ghost town interiors. They are ethereal and nostalgic, and just plain awesome. Drop by and take a look.