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Laura grew up in Northern California  and although she is now living in Los Angeles, she makes frequent trips to Livermore, her home town. When she’s not painting, she’s a singer in two bands, Ivory Deville and The Walcotts. You can see Laura’s work currently at The Big White House Winery and John Evan Cellars at 6800 Greenville Road Livermore, where she is the resident label artist.

You will be able to view Laura’s beautiful paintings at the Livermore Art Association Gallery June 18 through October 5 where she will be a Special Guest.

Free Admission -- Bring a Friend!

General Meetings are Shared with the Pleasanton Art League.

They are always open to the public. Free Admission. Bring a Friend.  

Monday, May, 7:30 pm at Cultural Arts Building, 4477 Black Ave., Pleasanton.  

Combining her love of nature and passion for art, she paints large abstract paintings in vibrant colors. She has a unique process of mark making: Instead of conventional tools like brushes and palette knives, she moves diluted paint on wood panels using an air blower. Her paintings distill the light, the intense colors, and the constant movement in nature. The final visual is pure, ethereal, and cosmic with no physical references.

Guest Artist: Laura Marion: Portraits in Water Based Oil

Monday, June 10, 7:30 pm, Bothwell Arts Center, 2466 8th Street, Livermore


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Talk and demonstration description-Laura will be talking a bit about her life and how she became a professional painter, particularly a portrait artist. She’ll then be demonstrating her specific recipe for skin tone, which applies to her over arching color mixing theory, and how she achieves luminous and multi-dimensional skin.


Linda has mastered these mediums working in her Livermore studio and at the Mendocino Art Center where she was the Artist in Residence for seven months last year. 

Having represented the local art community for many years, in 2017 Linda left her decade long position as manager of the Bothwell Arts Center to return to fulltime art and focus on further exploring the pour painting medium.

Dirk Christiansen, owner of Pleasanton’s Studio 7 Art Gallery. talked about what it is like to own a gallery in a quickly-evolving town like Pleasanton, how gallery-artist relationships work, and what he looks for in the art he will represent. 

Josh Latkin, a native of Pleasanton and a graduate of Livermore’s Granada High School, has been a Mendocino Coast resident since 1978, living in Albion for more than 30 years. 

Between 1973 and 1980 Josh began working with clay, learning and experimenting with various techniques. Beginning in 2011, when Josh had an opportunity to return to ceramics, he started to develop new methods and techniques to accomplish the construction of the large ceramic vessels he builds. 

At this time all of Josh’s pottery is high fired stoneware, with all phases of the work being done at his studio in Albion on the Mendocino coast. Currently Josh shows his work at four galleries in California and Oregon.  Free Admission. Bring a Friend. 

November 12 General Meeting of LAA & PAL:  Monday,  11/12/18, 7:30 pm, Bothwell Art Center, Livermore. ​  Guest Artist was Josh Latkin, Ceramics  


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February 11, 7:30 pm, LAA & PAL General Meeting

at the Bothwell Arts Center, 2466 8th Street, Livermore.

Linda Ryan spoke on Layering, Taking Acrylic Pour Painting to the Next Level. 


The art represented at Studio 7 varies in style from realism to abstract, and has most recently added more graphic, poster-style art. Jewelry, glasswork, and 3-D art is also on display.  Studio 7 is located at 400 Main Street, in Pleasanton.


Laura Marion has been painting since she could hold a brush. She was trained by her incredible mother, Diana Marion. Although portraiture is her favorite genre, she’s honed her craft over the last 15 years as a commission artist. She works primarily in water-based oil paints although she enjoys acrylics, watercolor, chalk pastel, graphite, scratch art, pen and ink- really everything she can get her hands on. Laura hopes to infuse her joie de vivre into everyone of her paintings and impart the same to each of her viewers.

Next General Meeting of LAA & PAL:

PAL & LAA General Meeting, Monday, March 11, Program By Usha Shukla: “Paint with Air”