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Caryne Mount Demonstrated her Fashion Skills in March 

Stockton artist Clemmie King will share the rich history and evolution of Chinese Brush Painting, a venerable and ancient art form. She will display painting samples and the unique tools involved;  at the end of her demo, two interactive “painting stations” will be set-up and all attendees will be invited to give it a try. 

Chinese Brush Painting evolved during the Southern Sung Dynasty (960-1250 AD) during the advent of Zen Buddhism. Originally, it was a visual form of communication, not an aesthetic/artistic endeavor. In tea houses, Zen Buddhist Monks displayed their hand-painted symbolic imagery to exalt, exemplify, and teach the Characteristics of the “Perfect Gentlemen.” Compositional rules and imagery integrated ideals from Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism in an effort to unify Chinese cultures following a period of great political and philosophical turbulence. The “Four Chinese Gentleman” symbols which continue to thrive in the study of Chinese Ink Painting are the Bamboo, Orchid, Chrysanthemum and Plum. 

October 2017 Meeting
Monday, October 9, 7:30 pm
Cultural Arts Building, 4455 Black Ave., Pleasanton
Program: Chinese Brush Painting 

Guest Artist: Clemmie King 

​​​© Clemmie King

​​​© Clemmie King  

​​​© Clemmie King

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John Tinger, Batik Demo in June 

Some LAA and PAL Guest Artists Who Shared Their Art Knowledge During our 2017 Programs....

  • November 13, 2017, Alex Anderson, ​ nationally known Quilter will be our guest in Livermore. She is a local quilter who designs quilts, fabric, writes books and also has a TV show.
  • February 12,  2018 Elisa Kleven, Author and Illustrator of Childrens

Clemmie began studying Chinese Brush Painting from Library books, after being mesmerized with an Asian painting displayed in a Professional Building in Chicago in 1995. She studied with three Masters (from Korea Japan and China). She later received an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and has over the years won many awards for her artwork in many different media. Her art appears in many private and public collections across the US. She has taught Chinese Brush painting classes, workshops and private lessons for many years. 

In May, Barbara Stanton Demonstrated Digital Art on her iPad 

​​​© Clemmie King

Paul Kratter showed Oil Landscapes for us in February 

​​​© Clemmie King

April brought Peter Längenbach & his Sculptures made from Recycled & Reclaimed Wood