Livermore Art Association

Robert J. Lang, Origami Master 

We are sorry if you missed it!   

Program by Anna Edwards, who works in Acrylics, demonstrated  abstracts influenced by her experiences growing up on Sugar Hill.

General Meetings are Shared with the Pleasanton Art League.

They are always open to the public. Free Admission. Bring a Friend.  

June's General Meeting was Monday, June 11


Recent Meetings  ........

7:30 pm at the Cultural Arts Building in Pleasanton

Bev Lindsay  demonstrated Painting by Pouring, Acrylic,with assistance from Pat  Smith.

POURING Acrylic paint? Really? Anyone could do that! And as it turns out, that’s true.  But those of you who have learned many of the basics of art—composition, color harmony, value, focal point, etc. are way ahead of the game. You can use that knowledge to make something really delightful, and have a good time doing it! Here are some examples of my earliest poured paintings:

Also, Aisha Gracie Moniz de Aragao Faria, two time PAL Scholarship Winner from Las Positas College will show a number of her works of art and will comment on her creative process. ​

Josh Latkin, a native of Pleasanton and a graduate of Livermore’s Granada High School, has been a Mendocino Coast resident since 1978, living in Albion for more than 30 years. 

Between 1973 and 1980 Josh began working with clay, learning and experimenting with various techniques. Beginning in 2011, when Josh had an opportunity to return to ceramics, he started to develop new methods and techniques to accomplish the construction of the large ceramic vessels he builds. 

At this time all of Josh’s pottery is high fired stoneware, with all phases of the work being done at his studio in Albion on the Mendocino coast. Currently Josh shows his work at four galleries in California and Oregon.  Free Admission. Bring a Friend. 

November 12 General Meeting of LAA & PAL:  Monday,  11/12/18, 7:30 pm, Bothwell Art Center, Livermore.

​                    Guest Artist was Josh Latkin, Ceramics  

May's General Meeting was held May 14, 2018 

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Four PAL plain air artists  (including Beth Okurowski, right) will demonstrate at four separate stations and show how they set-up for a plein air painting session. They will answer your questions and help you become acquainted with the plein air painting experience.

February 11, 7:30 pm, LAA & PAL General Meeting at the Bothwell Arts Center, Livermore. Linda Ryan will be speaking on Layering, Taking Acrylic Pour Painting to the Next Level. 

Annual LAA & PAL Potluck & Social, September 10 at Charles R. Winery 

Was our Guest at the April 9. 2018 Meeting 

LAA and PAL members who joined together for the Annual Potluck and Social had a wonderful time at the Charles R Winery. 
Next year we hope more members will join us. 

Next General Meeting of PAL & LAA:

Monday, January 14, 7:30 pm at the Cultural Arts Building, 4455 Black Ave., Pleasanton​​

Subject: Plein Air Painting; Supplies & Equipment you Might Need & Advice on How to Get Started.