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Mark Your Calendar--Upcoming LAA/PAL General Meetings

  • July and August, 2017:  No meetings. Take the Summer to be creative!!! 

  • September, 2017: Date & details to be announced: LAA and PAL Potluck and Social 

  • October 9, 2017: Program in Pleasanton, details to be announced. 
  • November 13, 2017, Alex Anderson, ​ nationally known Quilter will be our guest in Livermore. She is a local quilter who designs quilts, fabric, writes books and also has a TV show.

© John Tinger 

© John Tinger 

"I grew up in Massachusetts, live in Oakland, California, studied Civil Engineering at Tufts University, and learned batik while a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Uruguay, South America. I am a self-taught artist and have exhibited across the country."

All General Meetings of PAL & LAA are intended for members of both groups, regardless of location! Come on, it's a short drive between Livermore and Pleasanton!  Meetings are free and open to the public.

"I like the concept of using a very old, traditional media for contemporary and stylized images. My inspiration for themes is based on my interests in music, sports, architecture, engineering, and being outdoors.

"In my latest work I have begun to bring my engineering background more to the forefront, using mixed media to create three-dimensional structural and truss components to layer over the batik. Additionally, in my continued study of the human form,

I am exploring the motion of dancers, aerial artists, and workmen through the objects that connect these people in their activities.

© John Tinger 

John Tinger Writes......

"I appreciate batik for its random results - the mixture of waxes, dyes, and fabric texture creates endless combinations of effects that are only revealed at the final step. For me, the art form is an excuse to use vibrant colors and simple shapes to produce complex designs, without having to worry too much about the details - there are no “mistakes” in batik, and the drips, cracks and dye spills are all part of the creative process.

LAA & PAL General Meeting
Monday, June 12, 2017,  7:30 pm

Bothwell Arts Center, 2466 8th Street, Livermore 
Guest Artist: John Tinger, Batik Artist 

© John Tinger