Livermore Art Association

You can see Laura’s work currently at The Big White House Winery and John Evan Cellars at 6800 Greenville Road Livermore, where she is the resident label artist.​

Jean Bidwell will talk about the Hayward Mural Project 


General Meetings are Shared with the Pleasanton Art League.

They are always open to the public. Free Admission. Bring a Friend.  

Monday, May 13, Pleasanton.  

Future Meetings  ........

on Monday, November 11, Christine McCall Demonstrated Photoshop. She began using Photoshop software to create her well-known Kaleidoscope and Clock designs in 2008. One day she had a vision of a woman riding a snail in a mushroom forest. Not really knowing how to draw, she spent countless hours experimenting with collage compositing in Photoshop. In the end she created what would be the first illustration of her Fairy Tale collection. Five years later she is amassing dozens of illustrations for two children's fairytale books.

Combining her love of nature and passion for art, she paints large abstract paintings in vibrant colors.  Her paintings distill the light, the intense colors, and the constant movement in nature. The final visual is pure, ethereal, and cosmic with no physical references.

Monday, June 10, 2019, in Livermore

Guest Artist: Laura Marion: Portraits in Water Based Oil



Recent Meetings  ........

October 14, PAL/LAA Meeting was held at the Cultural Arts Building, Pleasanton. New Members introduction at 7:00. The program was A New Members Meet and Greet followed by an Artists' Show & Tell. 

Next Meeting......
LAA & PAL General Meeting, Monday, February 10 , 7:30 pm
Bothwell Art Center, 2466 8th Street, Livermore  

Linda has mastered these mediums working in her Livermore studio and at the Mendocino Art Center where she was the Artist in Residence for seven months last year. Having represented the local art community for many years, in 2017 Linda left her decade long position as manager of the Bothwell Arts Center to return to fulltime art and focus on further exploring the pour painting medium.

Dirk Christiansen, owner of Pleasanton’s Studio 7 

Josh Latkin is a native of Pleasanton and a graduate of Livermore’s Granada High School has been a Mendocino Coast resident since 1978. Beginning in 2011, when Josh had an opportunity to return to ceramics, he started to develop new methods and techniques to accomplish the construction of the large ceramic vessels he builds.  

November 12, 2018, Livermore  

Josh Latkin:  Building Large Ceramic Vessels  

In 2013 Summer was introduced to the ancient art form of Encaustic Painting and it was love at first sight! Summer began taking workshops and set up her own encaustic studio in her home where her passions for art & history flourish together. Today she uses the materials of ancient artists, beeswax, Damar tree resin and pigment to create her one-of-a-kind art pieces. She focuses on seaside landscapes and whimsical underwater views to which she adds animals and mythological creatures.

March 9, 2020, 7:30 pm PAL Program, TBA                   April 13, 2020, 7:30 pm LAA Program TBA
May 11, 2020, 7:30 pm PAL Program TBA                     June 8, 2020, 7:30 pm LAA Program TBA

Monday, January 13, Summer Ellis Demonstrated Encaustic Painting. 

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February 11, 2019, Livermore  

Linda Ryan: Taking Acrylic Pour Painting to the Next Level 

The art represented at Studio 7 Gallery varies in style from realism to abstract, and has most recently added more graphic, poster-style art. Jewelry, glasswork, and 3-D art is also on display.  Dirk discussed what gallery owners look for in art. 

LAA & PAL Joined for our Annual Potluck and Social  

Monday, September 9, at Charles R. Winery, Livermore  

Monday, March 11, 2019, Pleasanton

Usha Shukla: “Paint with Air”