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Awards at 2017 Alameda County Fair won by PAL & LAA members
Fine Arts Division
Best of Show                                      Regina Nagel              Evening at the Arroyo
Fair Directors Purchase Award       Kathleen Hill                In Mama's Shade 
Best of Class             Oil                    Soussan Farsi             Vegas
                                    Acrylic             Regina Nagel               Evening at the Arroyo
                                    Water Media  Teresa Muley               Seashore
                                    Prints               Karen Barry                 Orange Shoes
                                    Pastel              Elaine Olsen                Into the Woods

Silver Awards            Oil                    Barbara Stanton          Dilapidated                           
Fair Theme                First Place      Amy Leung                  Alameda County Fair
                                    HM                   Nancy Roberts           Fire Escapes
                                    HM                   Edward Ortman          Livermore Wine Barn

                                    HM                   Soussan Farsi             On the Road
Photography Division
Silver                          Lisa Rigge                   Preparation for Evening
Silver                          Ron Rigge                   Great San Dunes National Park
                                    Kerry McGehee          Adventure Sunset
HM                              Barbara Mallon          Walking on a Foggy Beach
Sculpture Division
Silver                          David Goosman          Red Cedar


In Memoriam

We were sad to learn that Herman Leider has passed away. Herman was very active in LAA for many years and was past President, among other volunteer jobs he had. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

In Memoriam

Peoples Choice Award was given to Shawn Burke, for Colored Pencil, "Paradise." Congratulations! 


Livermore Art Association Spring Show Awards

June 10-11, 2017

City of                 Watercolor                Melissa Snider           Barn Owl
Livermore          Oil                                David Gates                Painted Canyon
Awards               Acrylic                        Sandra Berkson         Discoveries
                             Pastel/Drawing        Arena Shawn              Defiance
                             Photography             Kerry McGehee          Cannery Splash
                             Graphic                      Linda Ryan                  Where it Began
                             3D                               Larry Berger                4113
LAA Awards     

Best of Show     Alan Fong                   Dancer

Oil/Acrylic          1st            David Gates                                    Painted Canyon
                             2nd          Nancy Roberts                               Texting in the Louve 
                             3rd          Norma Webb                                   Toward Evening
                             HM          Diane Rodriguez                              Early Summer Eve
Watercolor         1st           Arena Shawn                                    Black Swan
                             2nd          Myra Latkin                                      Cloud 2
                             3rd           Herbert Estes                                   Obidos, Portugal
                             HM           Melissa Snider                                Barn Owl
Photography      1st            Kerry McGehee                               Cannery Splash
                              2nd          Richard Johnson                            Waves of Ceiling
                              3rd           Kevin Wright                                    Peterhof Grounds
                              HM           Stephen Rodriguez                        Beauty in Aging
Other 2D              1st            Ingrid Brand                                    Mt. Diablo Shadows
                              2nd          Christine McCall                             Midsummers Rubies
                              3rd           Linda Garbarino                              Buckshot    
                              HM          Susan Hersch                                 Jack
Graphic                1st           Arena Shawn                                   Serenity
                              2nd         Joanne Spurr                                    Watchful
                              3rd          George Garbarino                            Paka
                              HM          Mark Knize                                       Canvas Calling
3D                         1st           Barbara Johnson                            Ladybug
                               2nd         David Goosman                              Ebony
                               3rd          Larry Berger                                     4113
                               HM         Marjorie Haggin                               Homage to Frieda

Margo Kirkewoog passed away on March 29, 2017. Her energy and creative skills lead the Livermore Art Association to establish many art festivals and events and helped establish the LAA Gallery. Margo's community involvements were legendary. She taught art for many years. Her artwork was innovative and won many awards. Cards may be sent to the family: Arne Kirkewoog, 832 Santa Maria Ave., Los Osos, CA 93402.

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