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LAA Member News

Rosemary Gallagher passed away on December 8, 2018. She was a long time member of both LAA and PAL and was seen at all the local art events. We will miss her. Condolences to her family. 

 Barbara “Bobbie” Livermore Baird,  a direct descent of Robert Livermore, passed away August 16. Holding an architect degree, Bobbie was an artist and very active in LAA, being one of the original organizers in the early shows and festivals. She also belonged to  several other local arts organizations for most of her adult life. Our thoughts & Prayers are with her family. 

 Lenore Kreit

Artists Hanging in this exhibit were Clark Ulivbarri, Army, Vietnam; Gerry Meadors, Army, Vietnam; David Paul, Army, Vietnam; Joe Ackerman, Navy, Korea; Manuel Casillas, Marines, Vietnam; Mike Manley, Army, Vietnam; Michael Sturdivan, Air Force; Ron Backdull, Marine, Vietnam; and Steven Vargason, Army, Vietnam

LAA’s Facebook (FB) Page, Written  by Peggy Kervin 

Livermore Art Association and Gallery’s FB page has been updated and various Gallery artists have begun to post their work and news on this page.  Our mother group, the Livermore Cultural Arts Council (LCAC), just started their new FB page and I would like to follow in their footsteps. Since we have actively posted to our FB page, we have grown from 113 to 138 followers.  

To get started, create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one.  Go to on your web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc) and click on the SIGN UP prompt; follow the instructions to start your Facebook account.  You don’t have to post on your own FB page if you don’t want to, but you will need a FB page in order to post on the Gallery FB page.

At the top of the page, there is an “f” next to a blank line and a magnifying glass icon.  Type in: Livermore Art Association and Gallery.  Once the page comes up, there will be a picture of the outside of the Gallery with three buttons underneath LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE.  Click on the Like and on the Follow buttons.

If you are still excited about this new social media thing, invite friends to your page and to the Gallery page.   Your page will have a button that says FRIENDS.  Click that, then click the FIND FRIENDS button.  A list will appear with their name and a prompt to Add Friends.  They have to reply back before you can add them to the Gallery page.  ENJOY!!!

In Memoriam

Long time Livermore Art Association member Bud Donaldson has, for over 20 years, taught art to the veterans at the hospital. We thank him for getting this display of their work together so we can all enjoy it. Bud, a veteran himself, combines his two passions at the hospital: people and painting. He has weekly art classes and, as a musician, he also fills the hospital community room with his music for everyone to enjoy.

Bud Donaldson is a Jefferson Award Winner. He volunteers at the Livermore VA Medical Center. The Jefferson Award for Public Service honors outstanding Americans who are making a difference in their community. The award was founded by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Senator Robert Taft Jr. and Samuel Beard in 1972. 

Margo Kirkewoog passed away on March 29, 2017. Her energy and creative skills lead the Livermore Art Association to establish many art festivals and events and helped establish the LAA Gallery. Margo's community involvements were legendary. She taught art for many years. Her artwork was innovative and won many awards. Cards may be sent to the family: Arne Kirkewoog, 832 Santa Maria Ave., Los Osos, CA 93402.

A Very Special Display of Paintings by the Veterans from the Livermore VA Medical Center was displayed at the LAA Spring Show at the Barn in April, 2018 and again April, 2019. It was an honor to have them.

Carolyn Ramsey came to LAA when LAA first started. Carolyn has served as president of LAA and is also a Life member of the LAA Gallery after  several years as Director. Carolyn has taught young students in the Livermore schools. You could always find her at all of the LAA events including demonstrating at various LAA shows.

Please congratulate these two members the next time you see them.

Herman Leider has passed away last year. Herman was very active in LAA for many years and was past President, among other volunteer jobs he had. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

Rosemarie is a Life member of the LAA Gallery. She  also served as the Gallery Manager for a number of years. Rose could always be found helping at all of the LAA events. She worked the cashier’s table at Art In the Vineyard and Art Under the Oaks. She also was the Hospitality chair for the Spring Art Show for many years.

 Lenore Elise Kreit was a mother, a friend, a professional and also a multi-talented artist.  Her art revealed her compassion and love for family and fellow artists, the beauty of nature and animals.  Whether it was a scene of tranquil trees in the snow or the play of light with color in her abstracts, Lenore's art portrayed her life.  In her own words, acrylics and pastels were her favorite media and life drawing and portraits had the most meaning for her.  WE remember the drawing she made of a small girl holding a flower, the look of joy along with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.  Peace be with you Lenore.  March, 2018 ​

​© Carol Gaskins, Beets 

Awards, Livermore Art Association

Spring Show at the Barn April 6-7, 2019  
Judge Leslie Wilson was extremely delighted by the quality of the work!

Best of Show:    Herb Estes        Obidos, Portugal

Oil / Acrylic
    First    Linda Ryan        Ebb Tide #1 
    Second    Diane Rodriguez        Below the Plateau
    Third    Lynn Shephard        Cyclic Space
    HM    Norma Webb        Perfect Oak
    HM    Herb Estes        Delightful Day at the Gate

    First    Carol Gaskins        Beets
    Second    Diane Rodriguez        Black Widow
    HM    Helene Roylance        Wyoming Wild Horses Sanctuary
    HM    Michelle George        St. Michael’s

    First    Craig Varden        Taipei Tea Break
    Second    Lisa Rigge        Summertime Chair
    Third    Barbara Mallon        Avoiding Puddles
    HM    Ron Rigge        Rust
    HM    Clark Streeter        Duet

Other 2D
    First     Maryann Kot        Sentry Duty
    Second    Carolyn Rowe        Silk
    Third    George Canberg        Where Do We Go From Here?
    HM    Linda Hopwood        Orange on the Shelf #2
    HM    Charlotte Severin        Sierra Spring Runoff

Graphic - Drawing, Linocut, Woodcut, Dry Point, Etching, Mono Print 
    First    Karen Barry        Waiting for the Train
    Second    Alan Fong        Abstract #5
    Third    Barbara Stanton        Red Reflections

3D - Clay, Wood, Jewelry, Glass, Gourd, Basket, Sculpture 
    First    Jan Watling        Color of the Valley
    Second    Christine Watters        Tea Cups
    Third    Barbara Johnson        Sea Bloom
    HM    Marjorie Haggin        Jackpot
    HM    Sue Vincent        

Commission for Art, City of Livermore Awards

     3D            David Goodman        Berberis (Barberry) Rootball
     Oil / Acrylic    Linda Ryan        Ebbtide #1
     Other 2D    Karen Barry        Waiting for the Train
     Drawing    Margaret Antoroff        Fred
     Photography    Craig Varden        Taipei Tea Break
     Photography    Ron Rigge        Rust
     Watercolor    Carol Gaskins        Beets

Two New LAA Life Members:

At a recent LAA Board meeting, the Board voted to award Rosemarie Maccairo and Carolyn Ramsey Lifetime memberships which were presented by President Walter Davies at the recent Spring Art Show at the Barn. Both of the recipients have been long-term LAA members.

Essential Figure Show, May 3-5 Awards:

People's Choice: Kimberly Votaw (see top right) 

Best of Show: Doug Sandelin, Odalisque, Watercolor

Merit Awards:

     Erika Richard, Bill #7, Acrylic

     Craig Janke, Bob, Crayon

     Clayton THiel, Little Eagle Woman, Ceramic

     Barbara Staanton, Aaron Crouching, Digital Drawing

     David Ernst, Eyes Closed, Watercolor

Honorable Mentions:

     Lorraine Bruce, 2 Minute Warm-up, Charcoal Pencil

     Lisa Larsen, Samurai Heaven, Acrylic

     John Tullis, Gremlin, Pastel / Charcoal

     Joanne Sterricker, The Whittler, Pastel

     Doug Sandelin, Ash-Shaitan, Mixed Media

     Diane Che, Self Portrait with Pink Hanbok & Cats, Oil

     Michele Tilford, Slumber, Mixed Media

     Allyn Saroyan, Ballet, Photography