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LAA Member News & Awards 

Long time Livermore Art Association member Bud Donaldson has, for over 20 years, taught art to the veterans at the hospital. We thank him for getting this display of their work together so we can all enjoy it. Bud, a veteran himself, combines his two passions at the hospital: people and painting. He has weekly art classes and, as a musician, he also fills the hospital community room with his music for everyone to enjoy.

Bud Donaldson is a Jefferson Award Winner. He volunteers at the Livermore VA Medical Center. The Jefferson Award for Public Service honors outstanding Americans who are making a difference in their community. The award was founded by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Senator Robert Taft Jr. and Samuel Beard in 1972. 

Margo Kirkewoog passed away on March 29, 2017. Her energy and creative skills lead the Livermore Art Association to establish many art festivals and events and helped establish the LAA Gallery. Margo's community involvements were legendary. She taught art for many years. Her artwork was innovative and won many awards. Cards may be sent to the family: Arne Kirkewoog, 832 Santa Maria Ave., Los Osos, CA 93402.

Commission for Art, City of Livermore Awards
     3D                   David Goodman        Berberis Rootball
     Oil / Acrylic    Linda Ryan                Ebbtide #1
     Other 2D         Karen Barry               Waiting for the Train
     Drawing          Margaret Antoroff    Fred
     Photography  Craig Varden            Taipei Tea Break
     Photography   Ron Rigge                Rust
     Watercolor      Carol Gaskins          Beets

A Very Special Display of Paintings by the Veterans from the Livermore VA Medical Centerwas displayed at the LAA Spring Show at the Barn in April, 2018 and again April, 2019. It was an honor to have them.

Moving LAA Equipment from the Barn:

On June 12, a group of highly talented movers assembled at the Barn for the move out of the Barn where we had stored our equipment for several years.

Mark Edwards, Kathy Hill, Jeff Johnson, Christine McCall, Bill Potter, David Rice, Ron Rigge, Stephen Rodriguez, Allyn Saroyan, Craig Varden and Norma Webb made the move in record time. (Jeff is not pictured; he had to get back to work.)  

Carolyn came to LAA when LAA first started. Carolyn has served as president of LAA and is also a Life member of the LAA Gallery after  several years as Director. Carolyn has taught young students in the Livermore schools. You could always find her at all of the LAA events including demonstrating at various LAA shows.

2019 Alameda County Fair Childrens Art Awards

Awarded by the Livermore Art Association 


Best Oil or Acylic Painting 9-11           Luciana Sempronio    Besties
Best Oil or Acrylic Painting 12-14       Sabrina Cox                 Violet Sunset
Best Oil or Acrylic Painting 15-17       Amy McGowan            Red Sails
Best Black & White Drawing 9-11        Abigail Hall                  Rapunzel
Best Black & White Drawing 12-14      Sarah Sun                    Unique Rendition
Best Black & White Drawing 15-17     Juliette Bercalves       Abuela
Best Pastel 9-11                                     Cielle Hanrahan          Eye Single to Glory of God
Best Pastel 12-14                                   Abhiraj Bhashkar       Moonlit Lake
Best Pastel 15-17                                   Parker Graham           Lonesome
Best Watercolor 9-11                             Penelope Webb          Birdopolis
Best Watercolor 12-14                          Sarah Sun                    Painting!

Awards were presented by LAA president Clark Streeter  in July. LAA has sponsored these awards at the Fair for many years.

Herman Leider has passed away last year. Herman was very active in LAA for many years and was past President, among other volunteer jobs he had. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

Paint Livermore Report:

25 artists painted in the beautiful Livermore area for three days, May 31 and June 1 & 2. coming from as far away as Vacaville, San Francisco, and Sunnyvale.The weather was perfect and the artists were enthusiastic about the Livermore subjects to paint. They turned in great paintings of the downtown area, little cottages & old houses, vineyards & hills, the downtown area and of course the historic Carnegie Building. Three paintings were sold during the display Sunday afternoon. 

Rosemarie is a also a Life member of the LAA Gallery. She  a served as the Gallery Manager for a number of years. Rose could always be found helping at all of the LAA events. She worked the cashier’s table at Art In the Vineyard and Art Under the Oaks. She also was the Hospitality chair for the Spring Art Show for many years.

​ Lenore Elise Kreit was a mother, a friend, a professional and also a multi-talented artist.  Her art revealed her compassion and love for family and fellow artists, the beauty of nature and animals.  Whether it was a scene of tranquil trees in the snow or the play of light with color in her abstracts, Lenore's art portrayed her life.  In her own words, acrylics and pastels were her favorite media and life drawing and portraits had the most meaning for her.  WE remember the drawing she made of a small girl holding a flower, the look of joy along with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.  Peace be with you Lenore.  March, 2018 ​

See LAA Gallery Page for Art in the Park Report 

​© Carol Gaskins, Beets 

Long-time residents, Clark and his wife Kathy, who has also been very active in the arts community, came to Livermore in 1964 where he worked at the Lab for 40 years. In his retirement he has focused on promoting the Arts – with a capital A!  Currently he is involved in AVA, Alliance for the Visual Arts, where he is treasurer of this fairly new organization (see his article below.) In January Clark took over the mantle of President for LAA and we are very happy to have him guiding us.

Clark can be called a renaissance man; he is an actor, pianist, painter, set designer, and has been pursuing photography since 1985 when upon entering his first show he received Second place; two years later he placed First and several Honorable Mentions. For seven or more years he has been photographing dancers from the Valley Dance Theatre. At the 2019 LAA Spring Show at the Barn, we all remember one of Clark’s big ballet photographs which was displayed front-and-center for all to see. He likes showing his work to the public.

Clark is now looking to branch out and find other subject matter to photograph. He has been exploring landscapes and is interested in figures as well. We look forward to seeing his entries in the next LAA Show. In the meantime, he is busy behind the scenes working with the City of Livermore to promote LAA and all the other arts organizations he belongs to.

Awards, Livermore Art Association

Spring Show at the Barn April 6-7, 2019  
Judge Leslie Wilson was extremely delighted

by the quality of the work!

Best of Show:    Herb Estes        Obidos, Portugal

Oil / Acrylic
    First    Linda Ryan        Ebb Tide #1 
    Second    Diane Rodriguez        Below the Plateau
    Third    Lynn Shephard        Cyclic Space
    HM    Norma Webb        Perfect Oak
    HM    Herb Estes        Delightful Day at the Gate

    First    Carol Gaskins        Beets
    Second    Diane Rodriguez        Black Widow
    HM    Helene Roylance        Wyoming Wild Horses Sanctuary
    HM    Michelle George        St. Michael’s

    First    Craig Varden        Taipei Tea Break
    Second    Lisa Rigge        Summertime Chair
    Third    Barbara Mallon        Avoiding Puddles
    HM    Ron Rigge        Rust
    HM    Clark Streeter        Duet

Other 2D
    First     Maryann Kot        Sentry Duty
    Second    Carolyn Rowe        Silk
    Third    George Canberg        Where Do We Go From Here?
    HM    Linda Hopwood        Orange on the Shelf #2
    HM    Charlotte Severin        Sierra Spring Runoff

Graphic - Drawing, Linocut, Woodcut, Dry Point, Etching, Mono Print 
    First    Karen Barry        Waiting for the Train
    Second    Alan Fong        Abstract #5
    Third    Barbara Stanton        Red Reflections

3D - Clay, Wood, Jewelry, Glass, Gourd, Basket, Sculpture 
    First    Jan Watling        Color of the Valley
    Second    Christine Watters        Tea Cups
    Third    Barbara Johnson        Sea Bloom
    HM    Marjorie Haggin        Jackpot
    HM    Sue Vincent        

LAA Life Memers: Rosemarie Maccairo and Carolyn Ramsey 

Art Sculpture            Silver Award                            David Goosman                    Corobolo 
                                    Honorable Mention                David Goosman                    Olive   

Photography             Best of Class, Portrait            Olga Sushchik                      Boyaryna
                                    Best of Class, Color                Lisa Rigge                             Looking for Salvation
                                    Best of Class, Alternative      Vanessa Thomas                 Poppy Delight
                                    Silver Award                             Ron Rigge                              Carrizo Superbloom
                                    Silver Award                              Barbara Mallon                     Great Horned Owl
                                    Silver Award                              Barbara Mallon                     Avoiding Puddles
                                    Honorable Mention                  Richard Finn                          Lilac Roasted Roller
                                    Honorable Mention                  Olga Sushchik                       Old Knight
                                    Honorable Mention                  Richard Finn                          Zebras & Flamingo

Fine Art                      Best of Class, Aqua Media     Maureen B. Morley               Perfect Fit
                                    Best of Class, Prints                Karen Barry                            The Wine Muse
                                    Best of Class, Computer         Barbara Stanton                    Muse at Rest
                                    State Parks 1st Award             Meghana Mitragoti               Pigeon Point Lighthouse 

Silver Award                                                                  Kaye Strickland                      Dad’s Birthday?
                                    Silver Award                              Karen Barry                            Waiting for the Train
                                    Silver Award                              Barbara Stanton                     European Romance
                                    Silver Award                              Robyn Leimer                         Late Afternoon Shadows
                                    Honorable Mention                  Norma Webb                           Diablo
                                    Honorable Mention                  Maureen Morley                     Museum on Main
                                    Honorable Mention                  Helene Roylance                    Wild Horse Sanctuary
                                    Honorable Mention                  Kathleen Hill                           Second Thoughts 


Essential Figure Show, May 3-5 2019 Awards:

People's Choice: Kimberly Votaw ) 

Best of Show: Doug Sandelin, Odalisque, Watercolor

Merit Awards:

     Erika Richard, Bill #7, Acrylic

     Craig Janke, Bob, Crayon

     Clayton THiel, Little Eagle Woman, Ceramic

     Barbara Staanton, Aaron Crouching, Digital Drawing

     David Ernst, Eyes Closed, Watercolor

Honorable Mentions:

     Lorraine Bruce, 2 Minute Warm-up, Charcoal Pencil

     Lisa Larsen, Samurai Heaven, Acrylic

     John Tullis, Gremlin, Pastel / Charcoal

     Joanne Sterricker, The Whittler, Pastel

     Doug Sandelin, Ash-Shaitan, Mixed Media

     Diane Che, Self Portrait with Pink Hanbok & Cats, Oil

     Michele Tilford, Slumber, Mixed Media

     Allyn Saroyan, Ballet, Photography 

LAA wishes to thank the Livermore Opera and Jim Schmidt for making space for us in their storage facility.

2019 Alameda County Fair Fine Art, Photography & Sculpture Awards

to LAA and PAL Members : 

Mary Toman, June 13, 1929 to June 27, 2019, was a well known award winning watercolor colorist and long time member of LAA and PAL. She is survived by her large family of five children and 10 grandchildren. 

Rosemary Gallagher passed away on December 8, 2018. She was a long time member of both LAA and PAL and was seen at all the local art events. We will miss her. Condolences to her family. 

 Barbara “Bobbie” Livermore Baird,  a direct descent of Robert Livermore, passed away August 16. Holding an architect degree, Bobbie was an artist and very active in LAA, being one of the original organizers in the early shows and festivals. She also belonged to  several other local arts organizations for most of her adult life. Our thoughts & Prayers are with her family. 

Artists Hanging in this exhibit were Clark Ulivbarri, Army, Vietnam; Gerry Meadors, Army, Vietnam; David Paul, Army, Vietnam; Joe Ackerman, Navy, Korea; Manuel Casillas, Marines, Vietnam; Mike Manley, Army, Vietnam; Michael Sturdivan, Air Force; Ron Backdull, Marine, Vietnam; and Steven Vargason, Army, Vietnam

Lee Dravidzuis passed away August 17, 2019. He was living in Petersburg, Ill. Lee graduated from California College of Art, was technical animator at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, belonged to several watercolor societies in California, and was a talented wood worker. He was preceded in death by his first wife Oneida Stowe Dravidzuis and survived by his second wife Carla.

Clark Streeter has been President of LAA since January; We have been trying to write up some information so that our members will get to know him like the LAA Board does. Christine Watters caught Clark in a weak moment & interviewed him for the Portfolio. He has a great deal of experience serving on the Boards of various arts groups such as the Symphony, Livermore Culture Arts Council, President for 4 years, Cask & Mask in 1970s, Encore Players (president 3 years) and many other local organizations. He joined LAA in 2011.

In Memoriam

Other Recent Awards 

Jan Watling won Best of Show in the Uncorked Show at the Delta Gallery, Brentwood. Congratulations Jan! The artwork on the right is Paper Art!

Bill Zobel passed away on November 17th. Bill was the husband of Eugenia Zobel and, even though he wasn’t an artist, he was the PAL treasurer for 21 years. Bill was born in Philadelphia and was an Army veteran. He worked as a civil engineer and also in life insurance. They were married for 48 years. Our condolences to Eugenia and his family. There will be a memorial at Wente Vineyards, 5565 Tesla Road, Livermore on Tuesday, February 4 from 3:00 to 5:00.

Our judge was Chella Gonsalv from Modesto; she had a difficult time picking the winners and had many compliments about the work. Merit Awards went to Kristian Matthews and Steven McDonald. Honorable Mentions went to Margarita Anderson, Mark Monsarrat and Vincent Walsh. The Downtown Award went to Simon Archer with a Special Certificate to Breanna Kiyoi of Livermore. 

Congratulations to all who participated, and thank you for coming! We plan on doing this again in 2020. Dates will be June 5, 6 and 7. Plan on it!  Diane & Stephen Rodriguez & Norma Webb chaired the event.