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LAA’s Facebook (FB) Page, Written  by Peggy Kervin 

Livermore Art Association and Gallery’s FB page has been updated and various Gallery artists have begun to post their work and news on this page.  Our mother group, the Livermore Cultural Arts Council (LCAC), just started their new FB page and I would like to follow in their footsteps. Since we have actively posted to our FB page, we have grown from 113 to 138 followers.  

To get started, create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one.  Go to on your web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc) and click on the SIGN UP prompt; follow the instructions to start your Facebook account.  You don’t have to post on your own FB page if you don’t want to, but you will need a FB page in order to post on the Gallery FB page.

At the top of the page, there is an “f” next to a blank line and a magnifying glass icon.  Type in: Livermore Art Association and Gallery.  Once the page comes up, there will be a picture of the outside of the Gallery with three buttons underneath LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE.  Click on the Like and on the Follow buttons.

If you are still excited about this new social media thing, invite friends to your page and to the Gallery page.   Your page will have a button that says FRIENDS.  Click that, then click the FIND FRIENDS button.  A list will appear with their name and a prompt to Add Friends.  They have to reply back before you can add them to the Gallery page.  ENJOY!!!

In Remembrance of Lenore Kreit

In Memoriam

Margo Kirkewoog passed away on March 29, 2017. Her energy and creative skills lead the Livermore Art Association to establish many art festivals and events and helped establish the LAA Gallery. Margo's community involvements were legendary. She taught art for many years. Her artwork was innovative and won many awards. Cards may be sent to the family: Arne Kirkewoog, 832 Santa Maria Ave., Los Osos, CA 93402.

Herman Leider has passed away last year. Herman was very active in LAA for many years and was past President, among other volunteer jobs he had. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

Awards, Livermore Art Association Spring Show, 2018
Livermore Art Association Awards 

Best of Show  Ron Rigge       The Chair        Photography               
            1st       Jan Loomis                 Skip One        
            2nd      Elena Morris               Seascape
            3rd       David Gates                Langtree
            HM      Norma Webb               Two Oaks 
            HM      Barbara Stanton         Rumuska St. at Sunset
            HM      Dianne Varden            Moonlight Bouquet 
            1st       Herbert Estes             Santa Maria, Portugal  
            2nd      Annette Mack             View of the Valley
            3rd       Eileen Butcher            Valley Storm
            HM      Marianne Foote           Vineyard Trail
            HM      JoAnne Koopman        Lincoln Park Shadows
            HM      Dianne Varden             Tiger 
            1st       Kevin Wright                Sunflower Lumen #2   
            2nd      Steve Gray                    Blow
            3rd       Sarah Harrington        Osprey with Fish
            HM      Steve Gray                    Southern Sea Otter    
            HM      Kerry McGehee            Water Temple Heights                        
2D       1st       Karen Barry                  Hagemann Barn
            2nd      Jan Watling                  I Chihuahua    
            3rd       Christine McCall          Frog Prince      
            HM      Christine Bourg            Great Horned Owl (Pastel)
            HM      Linda Garbarino            Lady in the Window
            HM      Viviana Leon                 Hands of Love
            HM      Maclyn Pons                 My Kitty
3D       1st       Barbara Johnson         Under the Sea Dream
            2nd      Hugh Watling               Segmented Vase
            3rd       Debbie Hussey            Wolf
            HM      Mark Knize                   Doodle
            HM      David Goosman           Red Cedar
            HM     Christine Bourg            Great Horned Owl (Ceramic)
*City of Livermore Special Awards
            Watercolor       Herbert Estes              Martinez Cove            
            Oil                      Norma Webb                Diablo Poppies
            Acrylic              Sandra Berkson           Sometime Somewhere
            Pastel/Drawing   Tom Alford                Moon Garden  
            Photography     Kerry McGehee           The Beachcomber       
            Graphic              Karen Barry                  Alviso Adobe
            3D                       Mark Knize                   Doodle 

* Livermore Special Awards will be on Display in Livermore City Hall

​  for one Month. 

Barbara Stanton’s Travels: Hey, guess what? I was in Prague for two months!

Dobry den! That’s Czech for “good day”! One of the five words I know in the Czech language. This fall, I had a wonderful opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up. My husband, Bill Maranville, is an Engineering Technician for the Lawrence Livermore Lab and they needed him to help assemble a new laser in the Czech Republic.So, I tagged along for the adventure and painting opportunities and boy were there many! Prague is an amazingly beautiful city. We were there from September 25th until November 24th.  I finished five miniature oil paintings while there and there’s probably many more to come! 

We had never been to Europe before. Bill and I really enjoyed exploring Prague on his weekends off. We ventured up to the castle and several cathedrals, checked out the local farmers markets, the zoo and many, many museums! We certainly got our exercise. We didn’t need a car because the public transit system was amazing. We were very close to the metro, so it was easy to get around. We took a train and spent a weekend in Dresden, Germany. Fantastic! We also went on a tour of two national parks. It was nice to get out of the city and get a nature hike in. 

I stayed in our apartment and painted while Bill worked. I had my iPad and could view the photos I took that way. I thought about painting on location but I’m better in the studio and it’s warmer there. Besides, I didn’t want to attract any tourist attention that I would have received if I had tried to paint on location. I enjoyed my alone time and got a lot of work done with no distractions. I paint in miniature so it was easy to travel with wet paintings. I used old jewelry and candy boxes to store them and keep them safe. It was fun to share them with Bill’s coworkers when we hung out with them. 

Springtown Art Center

 931 Larkspur Dr., Livermore, CA 94551
 408.836.3029  or email|

Sue Vincent: Springtown Art Center

Have you always wanted a place to have fun and be creative? This is it. We are revitalizing the Springtown area by adding a place where anyone can find their inner artist and create!! We offer art classes for kids and adults. We have membership opportunities for those who just need a place to create without taking a class. There will be occasional Family Clay Days. We offer Mommy (or Daddy) and Me art classes for the very young and young at heart, Clay 101 for adults, Intro to clay for the kids and private wheel lessons for really dedicated artists. Ask about Birthday Parties, Girls Night Out Parties & more!!!
Springtown Art Center opened it’s doors in June of 2017 by LAA member Sue Vincent and Stacey Ballard. “We needed a place to work after losing the use of meet mART studios to the bulldozers” they said. As it turns out this is a much better location for the kinds of art we make, teach and sell. Springtown is in need of a revival of sorts since the golf course closed so it is a match made for us. Vincent loves the fact that her studio space is right in her backyard. This allows her to work any time the creative bug strikes...even in the middle of the night. Vincent loves teaching her art so if you want to learn just come on over and check it out.

 Lenore Elise Kreit was a mother, a friend, a professional and also a multi-talented artist.  Her art revealed her compassion and love for family and fellow artists, the beauty of nature and animals.  Whether it was a scene of tranquil trees in the snow or the play of light with color in her abstracts, Lenore's art portrayed her life.  In her own words, acrylics and pastels were her favorite media and life drawing and portraits had the most meaning for her.  WE remember the drawing she made of a small girl holding a flower, the look of joy along with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.  Peace be with you Lenore.  March, 2018 

A Memorial in Honor of Lenore will be held at the LAA Gallery on Tuesday, April 24, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm so that artists and family members will be able to celebrate Lenore’s life. Please feel free to drop in during that time.