Livermore Art Association

Sandra Berkson

Oil Pastels, Collage

Chill, mixed media collage © Sandra Berkson

Yellow Sky, mixed media collage © Sandra Berkson

Quiet, mixed media collage © Sandra Berkson

She works with many types of materials, such as acrylic, ink, pencil, chalk pastels, oil pastels, and collage. The process begins with a few brush or pencil marks. The painting becomes a combination of memories, imagination, a love of color and a bit of soul. As any artist would, she hopes the viewer will be pulled into the artwork, leaving the interpretation open to the observer's imagination as they view the artwork.

Then the time came for her to become more serious about art and its history. She completed her education with a BFA from California of Arts in Oakland and a MFA from the Academy Art University in San Francisco. Sandra is a member of several Bay Area art organizations where she has displayed her work. Her artwork is also in many collections.

Mustard Magic, mixed media collage © Sandra Berkson

​​​​Acrylic, Ink, Pencil, Chalk Pastels,

Storm, mixed media collage © Sandra Berkson

Sandra Berkson was born in Oakland, California and has remained in the San Francisco Bay Area for several decades. As a child she loved painting and drawing. When she become a young adult working as a R.N. she would draw and paint the landscape as time permitted. Her travels to Europe furthered her interests in the arts.